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#3: Mode adopts Bitcoin as treasury reserve asset, stating "The allocation is part of a long-term strategy to protect investors' assets from currency debasement"

just passed 🇨🇿 CZK in market capitalization, according to Next stop is 🇳🇿 NZD.

- „Furt králíka, každej den máme králika, ani Pinďa to už nežere. Viď, Pinďo, že už taky nechceš králika ?” - „Já ti dám Pinďu, to budeš koukat, a zvedni to himl... Za takovýdleho pěknýho králíka co by děti někde támdle v Africe daly.”

Napsal jsem nový článek na blog. Jak to máte vy? Chováte domácí mazlíčky, nebo dobytek?

The repurposed antivirals Remdesivir, HCQ, Lopinavir and Interferon have apparently little to no effect on mortality and hospital stay length for severe Covid patients. Maybe because they work only when administered very early?

A pattern is emerging.

Stone Ridge Calls Its $114M in ‘Primary Treasury Reserve Asset’; NYDIG Unit Raises $50M

This could be used to build massive neural nets, which are not currently practical with von Neumann computers. | Memristor Breakthrough: First Single Device To Act Like a Neuron

What do you do when one of your VIP customers wants a custom feature in your software product? New article on the blog:

“I bought it for the next 100 years”, says Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, who converted $425M of their cash reserves to . Who will be next?

Update to the savings post: rate increased to 6% and added Binance at 1.46% |

I am hoping after this pandemic ends we'll be able to look back, assess what worked and what didn't and learn, to be ready for the next one. This will require avoiding the blaming game.

Another reminder that "Configuration is code", incidentally again from Cloudflare. Their report: I wrote about this here

Shower-thought: YouTube is stuck with the page layout they have forever, because if they moved "the box" from below to somewhere else, all those videos wouldn't make sense.

Interesting if true. Venezuelan govt is accepting as online payment for issuing a passport, because Bolivar is worthless, Petro is a joke and credit cards are blocked.

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