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I am hoping after this pandemic ends we'll be able to look back, assess what worked and what didn't and learn, to be ready for the next one. This will require avoiding the blaming game.

Another reminder that "Configuration is code", incidentally again from Cloudflare. Their report: I wrote about this here

Shower-thought: YouTube is stuck with the page layout they have forever, because if they moved "the box" from below to somewhere else, all those videos wouldn't make sense.

Interesting if true. Venezuelan govt is accepting as online payment for issuing a passport, because Bolivar is worthless, Petro is a joke and credit cards are blocked.

Sure, makes total sense. This is exactly what Amazon and Google did. *sigh* This has "design by committee" written all over it.

Next week, XETRA will list the first physically backed fund. I still think if you believe in BTC it's best to hold it directly, but for institutions this might make sense.

> git branch -m master main
> git push -u origin main


OpenAI trained GPT-3 language model with 175B parameters (at estimated $12m cost). Humans are not able to distinguish real news articles from ones generated by it.

Do I think Twitter and others should fact-check posts and label them true/false? - No.

Should they be allowed to? - Absolutely, it’s their platform.

Je s tím trochu práce, ale výsledek stojí opravdu za to: Hainanské kuře s rýží (Hainanese chicken rice)

Programming Languages Explained With Music [Comic] - Toggl Blog
#humor #nerdy #programming
Curious about what music genre your favorite coding language would be? We decided to take some educated guesses. Don't @ us PHP and country fans.

Surprisingly, this 2011 covert tracking technique still works in modern browsers.

I think it’s time to retire the whole ETag header. URL should be enough for cache control.

Mastodon ( looks like a decent decentralised alternative to Twitter. That’s how social network should be built. I am testing it right now here:

Outages are great source of learning. I took a look at the recent Cloudflare incident and will try to point some interesting stuff in this blog post.


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