Do I think Twitter and others should fact-check posts and label them true/false? - No.

Should they be allowed to? - Absolutely, it’s their platform.

Je s tím trochu práce, ale výsledek stojí opravdu za to: Hainanské kuře s rýží (Hainanese chicken rice)

Programming Languages Explained With Music [Comic] - Toggl Blog
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Curious about what music genre your favorite coding language would be? We decided to take some educated guesses. Don't @ us PHP and country fans.

Surprisingly, this 2011 covert tracking technique still works in modern browsers.

I think it’s time to retire the whole ETag header. URL should be enough for cache control.

Mastodon ( looks like a decent decentralised alternative to Twitter. That’s how social network should be built. I am testing it right now here:

Outages are great source of learning. I took a look at the recent Cloudflare incident and will try to point some interesting stuff in this blog post.


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